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    Slimming Your Waist With Yoga

    Every individual of all age group has this phobia to measure their waistline. We find it very difficult to reduce the fats around our waistline even after following a strict healthy diet and exercising regularly. It usually happens that even if you see gradual results in weight loss, you will not find much difference in your waistline. 

    There are various types of exercises you can find in the slimming your waist. Very few people know that Yoga helps a lot in the slimming your waist to a great extend. With the help of yoga and its asanas you can trim you waist and give a clear waistline giving you a piece of mind.

    Padahastasana is a very good asana to reduce your waist and excess fat around the abdominal area. The procedure to do this asana step by step is given as under:

    Fist you need to stand straight and feet together and hands over your head. Inhale deeply and bend a little backwards.

    While exhaling slowly you need to bend forward and without bending your knees try to touch your toes.

    You may find this difficult in the starting but later on you will be able to do this. You need to repeat these steps 3 times every morning and you will start seeing the results.

    Apart from the above asana for successfully the slimming your waist you have to follow certain routine to start seeing results and reducing inches on your waist. Below are few of these routines for the slimming your waist. 

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    You should be prompt in your breakfast, don’t miss it. Your breakfast should include a diet of whole-grain cereal along with skimmed milk. For effectively slimming your waist you need to eat the fruit every day after your breakfast as this will make you feel full and you will not feel hungry for a lengthy period of time.

    For efficiently the slimming your waist, you need to avoid eating in between meals. Try to distract yourself when you feel the craving for food between meals by talking to your friends or take a walk. 

    Drink plenty of water. It is very necessary to drink plenty of water, usually do need to drink more than eight glasses of water every day. Water is non calorie food, so you can not gain weight if you drink water. On the other hand it keeps your stomach full and helps in flushing toxic waste out of your body.

    Always keep in check on your calories intake. Avoid junk foods like soft drinks, alcohol, soda, coffee with cream and other such foods as they will shoot your calories intake very quickly. 

    For effectively the slimming your waist, you need to keep a track of your daily food intake and at the end of the day you can check the calories intake on daily basis. 

    Keep yourself away from high calorie food items and if possible avoid bringing these foods to your home as well as to your workplace. 

    Eat as less as possible, it do not mean that you have to keep away from the dining table. Instead of eating regular three meals every day, try to eat small meals 6 times everyday. This will keep your stomach full and you can avoid craving for food. 

    Once you start following these directions along with the above mentioned asana you will certainly start seeing results around your waist.

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