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    Healthy Way To Lose Weight And Not Muscle

    Many people are facing with the problem on how to lose weight and not muscle. The answer is quiet simple and can be initiated from home itself.

    Many people go to gyms and follow a nutritional plan, but still remain unsuccessful to maintain their muscles. The reason is that work outs help in burning fats, and gaining muscles. Here are a few tips on how to lose weight and not muscle:

    Protein diet: In order to lose weight and not muscle, you need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. For this, you need a diet which contains high amount of protein and carbohydrates. Fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables are the right choice. You can also include whole wheat pastas in your diet.

    Supplements: Supplements can also contribute to lose weight and not muscle. You can either order them online or are available in any health food stores. These supplements can be mixed with low fat milk or with water. You can also drink protein shakes after your regular workouts.

    Multi Vitamins: These can replace any vitamin or mineral deficiencies in your body, making them to lose weight and not muscle. They are safe for consumption and contain no side effects.

    Fish oil: Fish oils contain Omega- 6 fatty acids which help to burn fat. These oils help to break down the calorie intake. These provide a positive effect on your body shape and composition. 6 grams of fish oil with food can help to lose weight and not muscle.

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    Water: Water helps to increase the metabolism rate and burn calories faster. An average person needs to drink about 8 glasses of water everyday. Hot lemon water can also be added to your morning diet as it helps to burn more calories.

    Whole Eggs: They contain a rich source of protein and also vitamin A, D, E and these help to provide the necessary proteins for your body and also burn down the fat content.

    Yogurt: Low fat yogurt contributes a lot to burn down on fats. You can mix the yogurt with berries and flax seeds, which are a vital source of fiber, protein and omega 3.

    Green Tea: Green tea helps to lose the fat and not the muscle. It contains no toxic agents and is healthy. It provides for blood circulation and purifies the blood. Good to lose weight and not muscle

    Interval Training: Interval training helps the body utilize more oxygen thereby helping to burn down more calories and pumping blood to your system. These training are quick and effective.

    Pilates: Pilates is a breathing exercise which helps the body be balanced and also alignment of the spine. This helps to lose weight as it tones your body and helps condition your muscles. Trainer’s guidance is advised for this.

    Following all the above nutritional diets and exercise can help you to lose weight and not muscle. All the diets are extremely healthy and good for the body and mind. Some of the exercises needed to be done under the guidance of a trainer in order to avoid injury.

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