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    How To Lose Weight By Walking Exercise

    Every body wants to lose weight the easy way. But in our hectic schedules we do not get the energy or time to join a gym or any fitness programs. 

    Walking is a huge counterpart to overall fitness, weight loss and a good health. Walking and losing weight go hand in hand. A sustained and systematic walking helps to conserve and builds the muscle while it burns calories. 

    Based below are some tips on how to lose weight by walking during office hours:

    You can start with a 60 minute work out plan which act to lose weight by walking.

    A 15 Minute Walk to Work: Find yourself the time to walk at least for 15 minutes. When you leave for office, leave a little early. Get down a few blocks away from your office and start walking the rest to your office premises.

    A 20 Minute Lunch Crunch: During lunch time, run a few rounds around your office block. While walking, keep pumping your arms and shorten your strides. 

    A 10 Minute Power Walk: During your usual coffee breaks, walk in an empty office hallway or climb the stairs with your eyes closed holding the railing. This keeps you in full alert and you feel more energetic.

    A 15 Minute Reverse Walk: After leaving your office premise, retrace your steps back from where you started in the morning.

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    To lose weight by walking exercise, you must actually walk for about 30-45 minutes everyday. Walking helps to burn more calories and is also easier for your joints.

    Some tips to lose weight by walking are:

    To lose weight by walking, first warm up and cool down by light walk exercise for 5 minutes. Set your paces rate to low at the beginning and then increase it a bit. 

    For Week One: Walk three times for half an hour each. This helps you to get a balanced pace in the initial week.

    For Week Two: Walk three times for about 35 minutes each. Increase time by extra five minutes. It proves effective to tone the muscle and keep it firm.

    For Week Three: Walk three times for about 35 minutes each. Now you will be able to be in a regular pace and in the proper tune.

    For Week Four: Walk four times for half an hour each. This will help you to maintain your health and reduce your body fats at a faster rate.

    By a week’s time, you will notice a difference in your body. You shall feel active, and energized.

    To lose weight by walking exercise, you need to regularly follow this routine. You can also use a treadmill workout if you do not find the time to go outdoors.

    Walking also helps suppress the appetite and you can also stop those food cravings. It helps to motivates you to continue to lose weight by walking exercise.

    Another reason for you to adopt this lose weight by walking exercise is that it increases your metabolic rate and also burns the calorie intake.

    Walking helps you remain fit and healthy. A body which is healthy stays healthy for long.

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