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    Weight Loss Acupuncture Techniques To Shed Stubborn Fats

    Managing weight can acquire many phases. It may involve diet, exercise, pills, supplements or even acupuncture. By adopting these weight loss acupuncture techniques, it makes you lose weight easily and maintain your ideal weight.

    Weight loss acupuncture treatment involves insertion of thin needles to the particular spots on your skin. This provides stimulation of your body to release endorphins, which help to control your body appetite.

    Weight loss acupuncture has a calming and relaxing effect that makes your body fight with stress, frustration, mood swings etc. It enhances your metabolism rate and will power.

    Acupuncture points for Weight Loss

    The unique feature of weight loss acupuncture technique is that each treatment is targeted to the needs of each individual person. Treatments are usually scheduled once or twice a week for 8- 12 weeks or until the desired weight goal has been reached.

    Weight loss acupuncture techniques include a combination of auricular (ear) and body acupuncture along with ear tacks or pellets, herbs and supplements, abdominal massage, breathing exercise, and food and lifestyle recommendations.

    Below is how the weight loss acupuncture techniques work for the above:

    Ear Points: The acupuncture points on the ears have been proven beneficial for weight loss. The human ear contains points that access to all major organs and body parts.

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    During the treatment auricular points are stimulated with small tacks. Seed sized beads or magnets are then taped to the points to enhance the effectiveness of these points. These beads will stay for approximately 3 days to a week, and can be massaged for 10 seconds to reduce cravings.

    Some commonly used auricular points are:

    Shenmen: An important point to reduce stress and calm the mind.

    Small Intestine: It helps in the promotion of digestion and spleen reinforcement.

    Mouth: It is a calming point used for over eating and hyperactive talking.

    Hunger Point: This is used to relieve hunger and control impulsive eating

    Endocrine Point: It helps to move liver Qi (pronounced as chi) and also aids in metabolism.

    Qi refers to the force or energy that controls our minds and body.

    Herbs and Supplements: These herbs and supplements help to promote digestion, augmenting Qi and improve the elimination of excess water, toxins and waste products. Bitter, sour and acrid foods are actually good for weight loss.

    Abdominal Massage or Exercise: The abdominal points can be stimulated with massage or by belly breathing. Visualization with deep breathing can also strengthen your will power. These points improve the peristalsis of the intestines and also help in the absorption of food.

    Weight loss acupuncture techniques give a long term benefit and have no side effects or any chance of addiction. It a perfect and successful form of natural treatment and gives you a healthy lifestyle.

    Short course weight loss acupuncture techniques are mainly aimed to suppress your cravings and acquire your ideal weight loss target. It gives your energy level the necessary boost and relieves you from any pressures or stress.

    You will find a remarkable difference once you have adopted this technique. You will see yourself as a new person and also change your outlook towards life.

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