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    All About Weight Loss Recipes

    Fasting or going on a diet rarely promises permanent weight loss. It is very necessary to watch what we eat on a regular basis so as to lose weight. So it is very important for us to discuss all about weight loss recipes in order to get the desired results. 

    Weight loss recipes should contain food items having less calories, more fiber, less of salt, less saturated fats and refined sugar. Non-vegetarians should take less of red meat and substitute it with lean meat. 

    Weight loss recipes would primarily require you to cut down on the unnecessary fats. It is best to use vegetable oils like olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil in the place of butter, ghee, palm-oil and coconut oil. 

    Unsaturated oils are better than saturated oils (which become hard in winter). Try to avoid vegetable fats which are normally used in making cookies, cakes, candy bars and chips. Poultry and fish also have saturated fats and should be used in moderation. 

    It is best to use non-stick pans, which help to reduce the usage of oil in various weight loss recipes. Besides it is best to use the microven and eat food boiled or baked since the process and requires less of fats. Investing on cooking sprays to make recipes with less oil is a really good idea. This cooking spray can be used to reduce the oil in your diet and by not compromising the flavor at the same time. 

    An excellent Weight loss recipe involving the cooking of fish can be done by putting it in a foil and then spraying with butter flavored cooking spray. You can also add all those healthy good vegetables you like and then bake it. You will really love your fish and you will eat it with a lot of relish.

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    Eat eggs with toast and low calorie fruit spread for breakfast. This helps you to curb your appetite for the next 36 hours and also helps to prevent blood sugar fluctuations and food cravings. Protein for breakfast is a good for weight loss. 

    Eat beans in any of your weight loss recipes to avoid the craving for food and also to lower the cholesterol. Beans have high fiber content and digestive hormone cholecystokinns and therefore they help you to suppress appetite. 

    Eating a lot of salads is ideal in weight loss recipes. Salads having a lot of green vegetables like carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, sprouts, lettuce, red pepper, yellow pepper and nuts. All these ingredients make the salad colorful and appetizing to eat. They are healthy and give a feeling of fullness. Salads are also ideal as a snack and can be taken instead of chips or fries. 

    The use of refined sugar and salt should be to the minimum in the weight loss recipes. Avoid having salt on the table to avoid temptation. Sugar and salt will result in the increase of your body weight. Those who crave for chocolates can take sugar free ones. Salt in salads can be avoided by adding lemon instead. 

    Include a lot of fruits which are fiber rich with your recipes. Fruits help to eliminate the waste products that would accomulate in the body as fats.

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