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    Various Types Of Abdominal Fitness Equipment

    Today, everyone is getting increasingly health conscious and knows the importance of having toned abs. A flat stomach does not only improve your physical appearance but is also a reflection of good health. Strong abdominal muscles will improve posture and help in preventing backaches. It also helps to decrease the stress on the spinal nerves.

    Let us now look at the various types of abdominal fitness equipment which provides exercise to the abdominal muscle and helps in toning them

    1) Ab Straps and hanging ab straps is an ab fitness equipment with which you can tone your abdominal muscles. All you have to do is wrap your arms through them and lift your feet from the ground. This will help in tightening and toning the abdominal muscle.

    2) With an Abdominal Crunch Machine you need to sit at an incline and the weights hang off the back of the incline. The weights are attached to your body through the straps and you have to pull yourself forward and lift the weight. This helps in the tightening the abdominal muscles

    3) Abdominal Board is an abdominal fitness equipment where you need to lie down at an incline and try to lift your body against gravity. This stretches and tightens the abdominal muscles.

    4)) Abdominal Trainer is an arch shaped frame which allows you to lie down with your knee bent and your hands extended forward. The unique feature of this product is that it resists back and neck strain during workouts. 

    5) Ab Wheels constitute of a wheel on an axle. With this fitness equipment you need to rest your knee on the ground and bend forward fully. You need to hold the axle and make a forward and backward motion with your body. 

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    6) Pillow Abdominal Cushions helps to relax the hip joint and spinal column by raising and titling the pelvic region. In this position the body is less susceptible to shock absorption, and provides greater flexibility and stability. During lower abdominal exercise this equipment places the body in such a position that maximizes your muscle performance. The back is placed at a 20 degree position rather than flat on the floor which reduces the strain on the lower back

    7) Abdominal Toners work on both the upper and lower body at the same time. It gives a 200 degree ab workout and regular 5 minutes usage can give you flat abs in a very short duration

    8) Crunch Trainer is a fabulous piece of fitness equipment ideal for muscle shaping and helps in sculpting the muscle. You need to lie on the floor with the cushioned piece behind your head. 

    Then place your hand on the hand bars and gently push with your hands to roll your body forward using the abs roller. It strengthens your stomach muscles and is great for anyone who finds it difficult to do sit ups on there own.

    9) Pilates Ab Exerciser is specifically developed to firm and tighten your abs. It targets the abdominal muscle automatically, by locking your legs in place. It allows for a full, controlled range of motion during your workout. 

    10) Abdominal Ab Tightner is the fitness equipment which will flatten, harden and strengthen your abdominal muscles. The lateral pivot will let you move from a full crunch to an oblique crunch in one easy motion. It protects you from hurting your knees or straining your back. The machine is adjustable and will help you get stronger with every workout.

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