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    Information On Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

    There is a popular saying as “Health is Wealth”. Isn’t it really true and meaningful which many people ignore in this fast running life? You are rich and wealthy only if you have good health to enjoy it. Good health is not only necessary to enjoy wealth but also to take all the pleasure that life offers you.

    What do you think is the major problem these days? I guess everybody has an answer to this which definitely must be related to the sedentary lifestyle we lead. It has resulted in over weight problems which again lead to life threatening diseases when things take the worst direction. Is there still some time left to think, how important is weight loss in your lives? 

    There are numerous programs designed to reduce your weight. It could be related to traditional yoga or may be exercises with proper diet plan. Most important activity which helps in weight loss is the cardio vascular exercises. These exercises only burn your fat and not carbohydrates which is essential for body. 

    Additional benefit of cardio exercises includes prevention from joint problems. Your metabolism increases and you feel fresh the whole day. There are

    1) High intensity cardio exercises
    2) Low intensity cardio exercises

    High intensity cardio exercises must be performed for a shorter duration, something like 20-30 minutes. On the contrary low intensity cardio exercises should be done for 45 minutes to one hour. Experts recommend 6-8 weeks of both high and low intensity exercises for weight loss.

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    How much cardio one needs to do is the question and confusion of many. It varies from person to person depending upon the intake of calories in a day, metabolism, age, gender, fitness levels, body fat percentage and weight. However, an exercise which moves the entire body is apt for weight loss. 

    Now the important question arises, which cardio exercises burn maximum calories?

    • Step Aerobics – It is one of the favorite exercises of every women looking for weight loss. The movement of hips, legs and thighs can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes.

    • Swimming – It is the best exercise for every age group. The entire body moves in this cardio exercise and hence results in weight loss. Breast stroke swimming can burn 400 calories in 30 minutes.

    • Bicycling – It is a great form of cardio exercise which can be either performed outdoor or indoor. You can burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes depending on the speed and resistance. 

    • Rock Climbing – This exercise is also not restricted to cardio only because there is lot of arm and leg movement. The upper and the lower part of the body are involved in this exercise and will definitely help you in weight loss. About 380 calories can burn in this exercise.

    • Elliptical Trainer – It is a cardio exercise which can help you to build your endurance. It can burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes. 
    • Rowing – It is an excellent exercise which can burn 300 calories in half an hour. It increases the arm and back strength. 

    • Running – It is one of the best cardio exercises and can burn 300 calories in 30 minutes. You just need to buy good pair of shoes and try running on soft areas like grass or sand. Running helps in weight loss because the entire body moves in this exercise.

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