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    Obtaining And Retaining Healthy Weight Loss


    Stepping into the size-0 generation, everyone today gives high priority to staying healthy. Staying healthy gives a sense of confidence, makes us feel active, cheerful and creates a positive ambience around us. Instead of exhausting our system with a tiring regime of dieting, let’s try some ways of healthy weight loss and some simple techniques of retaining it.

    Why should one try healthy weight loss?

    We usually tend to keep ourselves hungry in order to lose weight. Starving is an unhealthy technique, as it weakens us from inside and is very harmful for the future. Furthermore, the results are not even permanent. 

    When we stop such type of aggressive dieting, we tend to gain weight at an even faster rate. However, healthy weight loss offers simple and effective techniques of losing weight, which we can perform daily without much effort.

    Ways of healthy weight loss:

    • Remember that increase in weight is usually the result of gaining calories faster than you lose them.
    • Sudden weight loss is unhealthy, so try losing a few calories at a time.
    • Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses).
    • Exercising is an important part of healthy weight loss. A little exercise will keep you fit and active always.
    • Adequate sleep is necessary. 8 hours of sleep is required to keep you mentally and physically fit.
    • Most importantly, instead of having 3 large meals a day try to eat 5-6 times a day. This gives enough time to digest the food and burn the calories.

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    Some principles of healthy weight loss:

    • Balance: You should have a balanced diet for your program. There should be more intakes of vegetables, fruits and water. Meat, processed food, sugar, fast food should be avoided as regular food.

    • Nutrient Timing: In morning our body demands high caloric food as they supply energy, but as time passes the calories get stored in our body as fats. Eat just enough to suffice your hunger, never over eat.

    • Self-monitoring: Keep track of what you eat to ensure it has low calorie and is healthy. Try eating home cooked food to avoid the extra calories. 

    • Selective restrictions: When you oath to have healthy weight loss then you have to impose some restrictions over some foods, normally the ones with lots of calories.

    • Low caloric density: Try to consume low caloric food as far as possible. Low caloric foods are those which contain water and/or fiber in it.

    • Consistency: You should maintain your diet chart for everyday and cannot overlook it at any cost. Along with the diet keep the habit of regular physical exercise. Try walking and running every day.

    • Motivation: Get motivated by your family, friends or yourself so as to accomplish the goal. Keep a positive attitude towards your efforts.

    Retaining lost weight (the 5 “K”s):

    • Keep focused on the healthy weight loss techniques.
    • Keep track of the calories.
    • Keep following your diet chart.
    • Keep regular intake of water.
    • Keep running or jogging as part of your daily routine.

    Conclusion to healthy weight loss

    Before, losing weight while staying healthy was out of thought but today it’s easily possible. Be focused, determined and by following some tips you can easily accomplish the body you only dreamt about.

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