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    Weight Loss Exercise – The Best Way To Lose Weight Effectively

    Weight loss exercise should be the first step to lose weight effectively. Initially you should try to work out for 3 – 5 days. Walking at a good pace can be a very good option and very effective too. Weight training can be added to your regime, it helps you burn more calories and help build muscles.

    Regular Exercises to lose weight

    Some of the easiest and best weight loss exercise is

    · By doing a certain amount of house work can help you lose weight. Dusting and washing are such activities that help you burn calories right from your house. These activities burn 2-3 calories per minute.

    · Walking is considered to be one of the best exercises to lose weight. Around 55% of your fat can be burned by walking. It depends more on intensity rather than on the amount.

    · Light jogging and aerobics can also help you lose weight. Aerobics can be solely responsible for helping you burn large amount of energy one session.

    · Weight training can also be adopted to lose weight. It helps you burn a lot of calories and also helps you gain muscles.

    · Running at an average speed of 1 mile in seven minutes can help you burn more than 10 calories per minute. Intense running should be avoided as it burns carbohydrates also.

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    Effective Components for weight loss

    You should always maintain a routine for weight loss exercise. The best way to lose weight through exercise is by having a regimen. Cardio respiratory or aerobics should be the first component. This includes activities like cycling, walking, swimming, and rowing. This portion must be done on most days of the week. The timings depend on the fitness levels of individuals.

    Strength training is the second component. Each muscle group should be trained for twice a week. It helps increase metabolic rate of your body.

    The third and the most important component are, to have a routine which you will enjoy get indulged in day in and day out. Your routine should be enjoyable and should never drive you to boredom. You should look forward to go and exercise, and thus help yourself lose weight.

    High Intensity Training

    Weight loss exercise should include high intensity training for better results. Some of the rules should be followed while doing high intensity training. Some of the rules are mentioned below:

    · 10 – 20 minutes should be the ideal time for your interval workout

    · 10 – 40 seconds should be the time for which the difficult parts of the interval workout will last.

    · High intensity interval workouts should be only done for 3 to 4 days a week.

    · For faster weight loss, you can indulge on interval workouts twice a day.

    · Interval workouts should always be done last in workouts.

    · The easier part of the interval workout should not last for more than 90 seconds.

    Weight loss exercise can be very beneficial. It helps you burn a lot of calories, ensures you that you don’t put on weight again and even provides benefits to your health. Thus keep yourself into weight loss exercise and have a hassle free and a healthy life.

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