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    The Real Beautiful You By Healthy Weight Loss

    Everyone wants to look stunning and make heads turn for their fabulous figures. So now you will find girls trying to pep up their curves and guys pumping their muscles for a healthy weight loss.

    You will come across many advertisements of fast weight loss products and diets that guarantee you a stunning figure in few days. However they make your body weak in the long run as they do not help loose weight healthily.

    One of the best ways for a healthy weight loss is to modify your diet. A good well balanced and planned diet will make you loose weight within a fortnight. One good way for a healthy weight loss is to take 500 calories less than your daily requirement.

    You may consult a dietician and plan up a diet chart meeting your needs. You need to remember that one third of your diet should be fats. You need to take in more of protein items like egg, wheat, pulses and lean meat.

    Along with proteins your diet fiber content has to be increased. They keep your digestion smooth and increase your metabolic rate. This will in turn lead to more calorie burn and a healthy weight loss.

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    With a minimum of carbohydrate intake your body will burn your excess carbohydrate rapidly at first and then gradually later. With diet modification take in more liquids especially water. At first our body loses weight in terms of water content and then fats.

    Only diet modification will not help you get your body toned up the way you want. You need to exercise and sweat out for the heavenly figure you want. For the guys you need to be ready for some serious weight lifting.

    You may consult a trainer who will chart out your workout schedule. For a healthy weight loss you need to now the requirements of your body.

    If your body fat content is high then you need to first do more of cardio exercises like aerobics, running, treadmill, swimming. The cardio exercises will help you loose weight overall burning your excess fat.

    In this way your body fat content reduces. Now you can work on toning your body by stretching your muscles and make them tight. Before you start the stretching exercises warm up to heat up your muscles as cold muscles injure.

    For a healthy weight loss follow a strict regime of stretching exercise sets daily and you will notice results within few months. In case you want to build muscles then you have to do weight lifting.

    Muscles are the only parts in your body that burn fat even after stopping the exercise. So weight lifting has this added benefit of continuous fat burn after stopping it. You need to start with low weights and then go to higher weights.

    Healthy weight loss is the right way to look beautiful and handsome. Crash diets and weight loss products shall make you slim faster but for a shorter period and in an unhealthy way. So gear up and start losing weight in the right manner!

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