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    Slimming Foods To Stay Fit And Healthy


    Slimming foods are foods which create a feeling of fullness for a long time. Generally it consists of large quantities of fibre and protein, packed with required quantities of healthy and essential fats. These foods are high in water content too. They are highly nutritious as they are fully packed with essential nutrients. All these foods prevent the habit of snacking in between meals. The food stuffs we consume have certain amount of calories in them. Negative calorie foods are that which takes more calories to digest than the calories actually contained in it. These foods have the benefit of greater fat burning capacity and also enable you to consume fewer calories during the rest of the day.

    Types of Slimming Foods:

    All calories burning slimming foods are low on fat and high on protein and fibre content. The first on the list is apple which contains 5 grams fibre and packed with 85% water content which promotes a feeling of fullness when consumed. Hence is an ideal snack to be munched in between meals. It also detoxifies the liver enabling burning of fat stored in the body. Cauliflower could also be had in abundance as it also creates a feeling of being full. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and make your tummy felt full for a longer period of time.

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    The next on the list is oats which is fully packed with calories and is enriched with proteins and fibre. Moreover low fat yogurt has the capacity to increase the fat burning process. The protein and the good fat contained in the peanuts also are ideal slimming foods as it promotes satiety. Cabbage also accounts for slimming as it is high on fire and low on calorie value.

    Cucumbers are also ideal low calorie snack that fills your tummy. Eat plenty of fresh leafy vegetable salads and drink two to three bowls of soup which makes you feel fuller with no extra calories. Grapes have also been discovered lately to be an excellent fat fighter, as the pectin contained in it breaks fat effectively. Roughage is a vital part of slim down foods. The vegetable broccoli is also considered as a dieter’s food as it has high water and fibre content and is loaded with essential antioxidants.

    Composition of slimming foods:

    Your slimming food should be rich in protein to enhance your body metabolism rate. Include lots of fat burning foods that are high in fibre and low on calorie count. Slimming foods are in fact foods that utilise lots of calories in order to get digested. It should also contain lots of water content but packed with essential nutrients. Foods rich in protein and fibre and low on carb contribute to a good slimming diet.


    The above foods will be very useful for the health and figure conscious people who are always on the search for slimming foods. These foods will not only burn off those extra pounds but also help in slimming down the natural and healthy way to a younger and slimmer YOU.

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